23 ஜூன், 2010

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Know Our
(Corrected up to 14.07.2009) CONSTITUTION

Subscription : Rs 30.00 per month [Rule – 38 A]

Allocation : Branch Union use = Rs 14.50
Quota to Circle Union = 8.00
to All India = 6.00
to NFPE = 1.50
Total = Rs 30.00 [Rule – 39 (b)]
Membership and forfeiture of Rights:
Member - All serving non Gazetted Group B and Group C Postal employees shall be eligible to become members of the Union on application and expressing their agreement in writing to abide by the Constitution of the Union [Rule 6(a)]. It shall be the duty of the members to pay subscription regularly [Rule – 41 (i)].
Regular member - A member who does not default payment of subscription shall be deemed to be a regular member.
Default member - a member who is in arrears of subscription for 3 months shall be deemed to be defaulter. Defaulter shall not be eligible to be elected in any office of the union and shall not have the right to exercise the franchise in the General Body Meeting and / or Divisional / Branch Conference. [Rule – 41(ii)].

Notice of Meetings:
General Body Meeting : 7 days before the GB meeting date.
Executive Committee Meeting : 5 days before the EC meeting.
Extraordinary GB : 3 days before the meeting date.
Branch / Division Conference :15 days before the Conference date.
Emergent EC : 24 Hours before the Emergent EC date [Rule - 48].

Branch / Divisional Conference : 1/5 th of members or 100 which ever is
General Body Meeting : 1/8 th of members or 40 whichever is less.
Executive Committee Meeting : 1/3 rd of EC members [Rule – 50(a)].
No quorum is necessary for a meeting which is adjourned for want of quorum either at the commencement or during the course [Rule – 50(b)].
Quorum is compulsory to compose the house of Conference or GB or EC at the commencement of the meeting but quorum cannot be raised during the course of the meeting at will by any one [Rule – 50(c)].

Official Observer:
If the Service Union requests that an independent observer from the official side may be sent to watch the election, such an observer may be sent. It should be ensured that he belongs to a Branch of the department different from the Branch Union.
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