23 டிசம்பர், 2013



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Circular no:12 Dear Comrades, We are aware that our General Secretary AIPEU Gr ’C’ as well as Secretary General NFPE Com.M.Krishnan is also the Secretary General of Confederation of Central Government Employees. Regarding 7th pay commission Com.M.Krishnan and Com.K.V.Sridharan along with consideration with Railway Trade Union Leaders our JCM Leaders have demanded the 7th pay commission with effect from 01.01.2014. Commission shall determine the pay structure benefits facilities retirement benefits etc., taking into account a need to provide a minimum wage with the recommendation of 15th Indian Labour Conference 1957 and the subsequent judicial pronouncement of Hon’ble Supreme court there on. Detailed discussion has taken place. Some of the organization has told that similarity with public sector undertaking should be the wage. While Com.M.Krishnan examined and found many public sector banks and LIC the initial pay is lower than the central government employees (especially Postal employees) and explained them that we will be suffered at the lower level. Instead of that the formula recommended by the 15th Indian Labour Conference 1957 held at Nainital should be implemented. When this formula is implemented the minimum pay of the Group ‘D’ might be fixed at Rs 26000/-. The recommendations of the 15th Indian Labour Conference was also accepted by the Justice. Sri Krishna Comittee (6th CPC). After detailed discussion with all the organization our demand is that the Pay Commission should fix minimum pay taking into consideration of the formula recommended by the 15th Indian Labour Conference 1957 held at Nainital and the subsequent judicial pronouncement of Hon’ble Supreme court there on, as fixing of minimum pay is most important.
 On determination of Interim relief for central government employees including GDS some JCM staff side leaders suggested not to demand interim relief as this will be deducted on finalization of pay commission and ultimately employees may not be getting much arrears and the may not be happy. But our Com.M.Krishnan has explained that if Interim relief is granted than our minimum pay will not be less than the existing pay + Interim relief and ultimately our minimum pay will be protected. After long discussion all the JCM staff side leaders have accepted to demand Interim Relief. Determination of merger of percentage of Dearness Allowance and Dearness relief with pay and pension including GDS. During detailed discussion one of the JCM leader asked what is the need of DA merger as the date of effect is from 01.01.2014. Com.M.Krishnan explained that we can’t presume that every pay commission will automatically merge DA. It may or may not and government may defer the implementation by a year or two. On conclusion it was decided to demand DA merger also.There are many anomalies lying pending. All these anomalies should be settled with special aggression by the committee with the government. After three round discussion the demand to work out the improvement of the existing retirement benefits like pension, DCRG, family pension and other permanent benefits to the past, present and future pensioners including those who recruited after 01.01.2004 should be covered under the old pension scheme and as well as with cashless and hassle free medical facilities to all employees and pensioners whether they are covered under CGHS area or not has been placed.
              CONFEDERATION CHARTER OF DEMANDS Ø  Ensure every five year wage revision of central government employees in future.
Ø  Regularisation of GDS employees in Postal Department and grant of all benefits at par with regular central government employees.
Ø  Regularisation and revision of wages of casual contract workers.
Ø  Compassionate appointment removal of restriction imposed by government.
Ø  JCM and anomaly committee function.
Ø  Filling up of all vacant posts and creation of new posts where ever justified.
Ø  Stop downsizing, outsourcing, contracting, privatization of government function.
Ø  Stop performance related pay system
Ø  Extend the Productivity Bonus for all removing bonus celling
Ø  Revision of OTA and night duty allowance
Ø  Implement arbitration award
Ø  Five promotion to all
Ø  Withheld PFRDA Act and ensure pension for all
Ø  Stop prize hike
Ø  Stop trade union victimization
Ø  Ensure right to strike
 PFRDA Act : It is proposed to file a case in Kolkata High Court both jointly by the state government employees federation and the confederation with a prayer that all are central government employees and cannot be two type of pensioners that can’t be a clause within the clause. All central government employees are belong to one clause and within that scheme there can’t be a old pension scheme and a new pension scheme. We will fight and win up to Supreme Court.
           Unless we all struggle together most of our demands will not be accepted by the government. The major participant of Confederation of Central Government Employees are NFPE. When compared to NFPE other organizations are small. It is our role to follow the struggle programs like Rallies, Dharnas, Lunch Hour Demonstrations and Pen down strikes as and when guided by the confederation to get our rights and to win our demands.