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Grant of Non-Productivity Linked Bonus (ad-hoc bonus) to Central Government Employees for the year 2013-14 – Finance Ministry Orders

No.7/24/2007/E III (A)
Government of India
Ministry of Finance
Department of Expenditure
E III (A) Branch
New Delhi, the 16th September, 2014
Subject :  Grant of Non-Productivity Linked Bonus (ad-hoc bonus) to Central Government Employees for the year 2013-14.
The undersigned is directed to convey the sanction of the President to the grant of Non-Productivity Linked Bonus (Ad-hoc Bonus) equivalent to 30 days emoluments for the accounting year 2013-14 to the Central Government employees in Groups ‘C’ and ‘D’ and all non-gazetted employees in Group ‘B’, who are not covered by any Productivity Linked Bonus Scheme. 

The calculation ceiling for payment of ad-hoc Bonus under these orders shall continue to be monthly emoluments of Rs. 3500/-, as hitherto. The payment of ad-hoc Bonus under these orders will also be admissible to the eligible employees of Central Para Military Forces and Armed Forces. The orders will be deemed to be extended to the employees of Union Territory Administration which follow the Central Government pattern of emoluments and are not covered by any other bonus or ex-gratia scheme.
2. The benefit will be admissible subject to the following terms and conditions:
(i) Only those employees who were in service as on 31.3.2014 and have rendered at least six months of continuous service during the year 2013-14 wIll be eligible for payment under these orders. Prorata payment will be admissible to the eligible employees for period of continuous service during the year from six months to a full year, the eligibility period being taken in terms of number of months of service (rounded off to the nearest number of months).
(ii) The quantum of Non-PLB (ad-hoc bonus) will be worked out on the basis of average emoluments/calculation ceiling whichever is lower. To calculate Non-PLB (Ad-hoc bonus) for one day, the average emoluments In a year will be divided by 30.4 (average number of days in a month). This will there after be multiplied by the number of days of bonus granted To illustrate, taking the calculation ceiling of monthly emoluments of Rs. 3500 (where actual average emoluments exceed Rs. 3500), Non.PLB (Ad-hoc Bonus) for thirty days would work out to Rs. 3500×30/304=Rs.3453.95 (rounded off to Rs.3454/-).
(iii) The casual labour who have worked in offices following a 6 days week for at least 240 days for each year for 3 years or more (206 days in each year for 3 years or more in the case of offices observing 5 days week), will be eligible for this Non-PLB (Ad-hoc Bonus) Payment. The amount of Non-PLB (ad-hoc bonus) payable will be (Rs.1200×30/30.4 i.e.Rs.1184.21 (rounded off to Rs.1184/-). In cases where the actual emoluments fall below Rs.1200/- p.m., the amount will be calculated on actual monthly emoluments.
(iv) All payments under these orders will be rounded off to the nearest rupee.
(v) The clarificatory orders issued vide this Ministry’s OM No.F.14 (10)—E. Coord/88 dated 4.10.1988, as amended from time to time, would hold good.
3. The expenditure on this account will be debitable to the respective Heads to which the pay and allowances of these employees are debited.
4. The expenditure incurred on account of Non-PLB (Ad-hoc Bonus) is to be met from within the sanctioned budget provision of concerned Ministries/Departments for the current year.
5. In so far as the persons serving in the Indian Audit and Accounts Department are concerned, these orders are issued in consultation with the ComroIler and Auditor General of India.
(Amar Nath Singh)
Deputy Secretary to the Govt. of India
Source: www.finmin.nic.in

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Charter of Demand - Department invites PJCA (NFPE & FNPO) for preliminary discussions

No. 08/07/2014-SR
Ministry of Communications & IT
Department of Posts
(SR Section)
Dak Bhawan, Sansad Marg
New Delhi, dated 16th September, 2014

            The Secretary General
            National Federation of Postal Employees
            Dada Ghosh Bhavan, 215/11
            New Patel Road
            New Delhi – 110 008

The Secretary General
Federation of National Postal Organization
Chambri No. CH 17-1-18
Atul Grove Road
New Delhi – 110 001

Dear Sir,

Subject: Programme of agitation by Postal Joint Council of Action (PJCA) comprising NFPE and FNPO for settlement of Charter of Demands submitted by them and their affiliated unions – meeting  – regarding.

            In order to discuss the charter of demands with regard to the above said programme, Member (Operations) has kept a meeting with the Secretaries General, NFPE and FNPO in his chamber on Thursday, the 18/09/2014 from 0930 hrs. to 1030 hrs.  You are requested to kindly make it convenient to attend.

It is reiterated that only two Secretaries General may attend this meeting.

Yours faithfully,

(Arun Malik)
Director (SR & Legal)

PA/SA Exam 2014 as per the latest updates published in the official recruitment type

Preparations for Diamond Jubilee Celebrations are geared up in Gujarat Circle

Instructions on Re-Allotment of Postal Service Group 'B' Officers from one Circle / Unit to other Circle/ Unit

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அஞ்சல் துறையின் முக்கியத்துவம் அதிகரிக்கிறது --

Task Force On Leveraging The Post Office Network 

இந்த கமிட்டி அனைத்து   அமைட்சகங்களையும் உள்ளடக்கி அதன் திட்டங்களை அஞ்சல் துறை மூலம் செயல்படுத்தும் .ஒரே நாளில் வங்கிகளில் 1.80 லட்சம் கணக்குகள் தொடங்கபடுகின்றன என்றால் அஞ்சலக சேமிப்புக்கும் போட்டி வந்து விட்டது என்பதனை நாம் உணர முடிகிறது .
தபால் ,மெயில்  என்பதனை தாண்டி நமது பரந்துகிடக்கும் நெட் வொர்க்கை பயன்படுத்த மத்திய அரசு முடிவு எடுத்துள்ளது 


Task Force On Leveraging The Post Office Network

The Government of India has decided to set up a Task Force on Leveraging the Post Office Network.
The objective behind setting up of the Task Force is to transform the Post Office Network in keeping with changing market trends and competition.
This will include rationalization of the network with focus on mail/parcel services, particularly in rural areas, upgradation of infrastructure/ technology, incorporating global best practices, introducing new services and participation of multiple players.

The Terms of Reference (TOR) for the Task Force are as under:
·    To provide efficient postal network and points of presence (particularly in rural areas and small towns) to Central Government Ministries / Departments, State Goverments (including Local Self Government) and private sector players for delivering various citizen-centric services, schemes, products to the people.

·    To further the role of Post Office in Financial Inclusion, including Insurance products;

·    The infrastructure requirements of the post offices and the Postal Network; and

·    To make the Post Office financially viable

The Task Force will devise its own mechanism / modalities to examine the issues mentioned in the ToRs and submit its Report within three months from the date of constitution.

The composition of Task Force is as follows:

T.S.R. Subramanian ( Retired Cabinet Secretary )  Chairman
TSR Subramanian is a former cabinet secretary of the India. He is a 1961 batch Indian Administrative Service officer from Uttar Pradesh Cadre.

Shri T.V Mohandas Pai ( Bangalore ) Member

T.V. Mohandas Pai is the Chairman of Manipal Global Education. He used to be a Member of the Board of Directors of Infosys, and Head Administration, Education and Research, Financial, Human Resources, and Infosys Leadership Institute.

Shri G.N. Bajpai ( Mumbai, Former Chairman, SEBI ) Member

Shri Ghyanendra Nath Bajpai is a distinguished leader in Indian business, was the Chairman of the Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI). Mr. Bajpai is known for his visionary leadership and exemplary integrity. He has served/serves as non-executive chairman and a director on corporate boards in India and other countries, received awards for contribution to business, and authored several books.

Dr. Ravindra H. Dholakia ( IIM, Ahmedabad ) Member

Prof. Dholakia is on the faculty of Economics Area at IIM Ahmedabad since 1985. He has about 37 years of experience of teaching Economics to different groups like students, executives, policy makers and senior government officers.

Shri R.S. Sharma ( Secretary (E & IT), Government of India ) -  Member
R. S. Sharma joined the Indian Administrative Service (IAS) in 1978. In 1986, he wrote a program in DBASE, a programming language that would keep a record of all stolen firearms in the crime-prone district.

Shri L. C. Goyal ( Secretary, Department of Rural Development, Government of India ) Member
Shri L. C. Goyal, a 1979 batch IAS officer of Kerala cadre, is presently working as Secretary in Department of Rural Development.

Shri Rakesh Garg ( Secretary,Department of Telecom, Government of India ) Member
Shri Rakesh Garg is currently working as Secretary in Department of Telecom.

Kavery Banerjee ( Secretary, Department of Posts, Government of India ) Member
Ms. Kavery Banerjee, IPoS 78, is presently working as Secretary, Department of Posts.

Shri Kamleshwar Prasad ( Member (o), Department of Posts ) Member
Shri Kamleshwar Prasad, is a retired Member, Postal Services Board, Department of Posts.

Shri Vasumitra ( CPMG, Delhi Circle, Department of Posts ) CircleMember
Shri Vasumitra is presently working as Chief Postmaster General, Delhi 

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Details of sanctioned posts of IPoS Officers in DOP

Department of Posts has recently issued Civil List of Officers of Indian Postal Service (Gr. A) as on 1/6/2014.

S. No.
No. of Posts
Member, Postal Services Board (HAG+)
Senior Administrative Grade (SAG)
Junior Administrative Grade (JAG) including NFSG
Senior Time Scales (STS)
Junior Time Scales (JTS)
Training Reserve
Leave Reserve

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Lokpal and Lokayukta Act : Govt. may withhold cash, jeweliery details in Public Domain

NEW DELHI: In what could bring relief to nearly five million Central government employees, the Narendra Modi government has decided to amend the Lokpal and the Lokayukta Act to give itself a statutory power to withhold certain information from the public. 

All Central staff, as per the latest order of the Department of Personnel and Training (DoPT), have to declare their assets and liabilities, both movable and immovable, as well as those of their spouses and dependents latest by September 15. All these information would then be put up by the respective ministries on their website accessible to everyone. 

A number of representations received by the government from officials expressed fear that putting details of movable assets such as jewellery and cash in hand and bank would pose a security threat to them and their dependents, leave their children vulnerable to kidnapping and ransom demands. For instance, an official said he has put all savings in general provident fund which has accumulated to Rs 75 lakhs over a period of time. Putting this information in the public domain would leave him and his family members vulnerable. 

Sources said the amendments proposed only gives the government the statutory power to withhold information related to officials' movable assets only, such as his cash in hand or bank and jewellery owned by him or his family members. The government will not be empowered to hold back information on immovable assets: house or land owned by him. 

The amendment also makes it clear that it will have no impact on the current asset declaration guidelines. The officials will have to continue declaring all their assets - movable and immovable as per the previous directive. Only difference the proposed amendment will make is to ensure certain information is not made public. 

The DoPT is working on the proposed amendment and has already taken a view from the law ministry to bring in the required changes. Any fresh amendment will not impact the current declaration deadline of September 15 which is applicable for all employees. 

Once these declarations are received by the government, it is for the respective ministries to put them up on its website accessible to all, except those related to the movable assets for which an amendment is required to implement it.


Centre may drop mandatory Police Verification for Govt Jobs- PRESS NEWS

New Delhi, Sep 4, 2014, (PTI):
The Centre is considering a move to drop mandatory police verification of candidates selected for government jobs and may accept self-attestation certificates from them. DH illustration
The Centre is considering a move to drop mandatory police verification of candidates selected for government jobs and may accept self-attestation certificates from them.

The issue of omitting the need of police verification of people getting selected for government jobs and applying for passports is under consideration of the Ministry of Home Affairs, official sources said.

The MHA is likely take a view of state governments and other stakeholders in the matter, they said.

A concept note on the matter by the Ministry of Personnel, Public Grievances and Pensions also favoured replacement of police verification in various works including for the purpose of issuance of passport and for government jobs.

It needs to be considered if this can be eliminated as (i) the police check is only about any criminal cases for which the persons concerned do provide necessary declarations and remain liable for false declaration; (ii) the police report is perfunctory as it covers the last place of residence only; (iii) in any case, neighbours' affirmation appears to have little meaning, the note says.

As part of its effort to reform the public service delivery system and bridging the governance deficit, the Centre is promoting self attestation in place of notarised affidavits for a big chunk of government-related work.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi has recently sought minimum use of affidavits and a shift to self-certification, so as to benefit the common man.

"In a citizen-friendly initiative, all ministries and departments of the union government, and all state governments, have been asked to make provision for self-certification of documents in place of affidavits.

"The requirement of attestation by gazetted officer is also sought to be replaced by self-certification by the citizen," the Prime Minister's Office has said in a release.

The 12th report--'citizen centric administration-the heart of governance'--of the second Administrative Reforms Commission has also suggested simplifying procedures for self-certification provision


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JCA  சார்பாக  நடைபெற்ற முதல்  கட்ட  போராட்டம்   CPMG அலுவலகம்  முன்பு  நடைபெற்ற ஆர்பாட்டத்தில்  கலந்துகொண்டோர் 

29 ஆகஸ்ட், 2014

 திரு Com. M. Krishnan, General Secretary  ONGOLE  CWC முடித்துவிட்டு சென்னை   வந்த போது அண்ணாசாலை கோட்ட அஞ்சல்  மூன்று  ,அஞ்சல்  நான்கு செயலர்கள், தோழர்கள், தோழியர்கள், மற்றும்  G P  O  ,அயல்நாட்டு  அஞ்சலக கோட்ட  செயலர்கள் சால்வை  அணிவித்து வாழ்த்திய  காட்சிகள்